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Playstation 2

EE User's Manual Ver 3.1 [pdf]
EE User's Manual Ver 6.0 [pdf]
EE Overview Ver 3.1 [pdf]
EE Overview Ver 6.0 [pdf]
EE Core User's Manual Ver 3.1 [pdf]
EE Core User's Manual Ver 6.0 [pdf]
EE Core Instruction Set Manual Ver 3.1 [pdf]
EE Core Instruction Set Manual Ver 6.0 [pdf]
EE Programming [pdf]
GS User's Manual Ver 3.1 [pdf]
GS User's Manual Ver 6.0 [pdf]
GS User's Manual Supplement [pdf]
Sony's Emotionally Charged Chip [pdf]
SPU2 Overview [pdf]
Vector Unit Architecture... [pdf]
VU User's Manual Ver 3.1 [pdf]
VU User's Manual Ver 6.0 [pdf]
Procedural Rendering on the Playstation 2 [pdf]
PS2 Architecture Lecture [pdf]
VU Thesis [pdf]
PS2 Clipping Presentation [pdf]
How to draw pixel perfect sprites on the PS2 [pdf]
The Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus [pdf]
Low-level pad specs [txt]
DOT3 Normal Mapping on the PS2 [pdf]
PS2 Programming Optimisations Presentation [pdf]
Using the Z Buffer for Visual and Special Effects [pdf]
Texture and Geometry Syncing [pdf]
TX79 Core Architecture (EE Architecture according to Toshiba) [pdf]
VU Instruction Manual [pdf]

Source Code
Decompiled IOP modules [zip]
nSX2 Emulator [zip]
VCL samples [tgz]
cdvdman [zip]
cdvdsfv [zip]
ioppwoff [zip]
atapatch [zip]
fakeboot [zip]
cdvdverb [zip]
kprtty-alpha [zip]
link2301-beta [zip]
mcdump [zip]
dev9 [zip]
atad [zip]
mcman [zip]
secrsif [zip]


The PlayStation 2 is a video game console that was manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on March 4, 2000, in Japan followed by North America and Europe later the same year. The sixth-generation console competed with the Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.